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Coach Arnold speaks “Chinese”

How much Chinese did Hawaii head coach Gib Arnold learn duing the “Warriors to Asia” tour?

Before viewing the video below, here are a few facts:

• The Warriors spent two weeks in China, so it would make sense that they would pick up some of the language.

• This video was shot during an airport layover, when there was a lot of time to kill.

• Junior forward Hauns Brereton speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, and let’s just say he was nearby when this video was shot.

Play the video to judge for yourself:


  1. Absolutely hilarious! Dayton, you have a future in Kung Fu film making. I love having a coach with a sense of humor and personality.

  2. Great stuff!

  3. That is sooo funny. Coach Gib, you are a man of all seasons. 🙂
    Good job Dayton. Looks like you guys had a good laugh on this one.

  4. This was way funny! Enjoyed!

  5. hilarious!

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