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A bus ride through afternoon traffic

There were a lot of things in China that the Hawaii basketball team just could not get used to during its two weeks in that country.

The Chinese food … the language … and the traffic.

Chinese drivers and pedestrians apparently follow different rules from the United States. In China, the cars seem to have the right of way – even at crosswalks – and it is common to see pedestrians standing in the middle of a busy road waiting for an opening to sprint across the street.

“The drivers are crazy over here,” said freshman Shaquille Stokes. “It’s scary just crossing the street. It’s like they don’t see you (crossing).”

Fortunately, the Warriors did not have to do any driving. All road travel was done via bus, but there were some adventurous rides.

One bus driver actually made two separate u-turns on a busy highway. Another drove down the wrong side of the street to get around traffic.

The video below features a typical bus ride through China traffic. As assistant coach Benjy Taylor notes in the video: “If you ever come over here (to China), please be prepared to don’t rent a car.”

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  1. Sheesh, these guys are crazy. Well, one thing for sure……..pedestrians don’t necessarily have the right of way.

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