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Unsupervised workouts include work and play

It’s still early July, but the summer break is over for the Hawaii basketball team.

In addition to attending summer classes on the UH campus, many of the Warriors are also participating in unsupervised workouts.

Due to NCAA rules, official practices cannot be conducted during the summer months, so the players are lifting weights and shooting baskets on their own.

Some players like to workout in the morning, before their summer classes. Others prefer the afternoon. All the Warriors who are here for summer are also participating in the Hawaii College Basketball Summer League.

Bottom line, they are staying in basketball shape and doing what they need to do to prepare for an upcoming trip to Asia that is now less than a month away.

At a recent afternoon workout, seven Warriors showed up at the practice gym, and they each took hundreds of shots from various spots on the court.

It helps that they help each other. When one player is shooting, another rebounds and another passes it to the shooter. The shooting drills usually last for about an hour.

But it’s not all about serious work. After the recent workout, several of the players tried to out-do each other with trick shots.

Zane Johnson was hitting shots from a sitting position from all over the court; Pi’i Minns attempted four half-court shots – and drained two of them; Hauns Brereton tried to match every difficult shot somebody else made.


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  1. Come on Dayton! 17 shots! don’t have to be that dramatic!haha it was like five.haha

  2. Hauns,

    I was trying to be kind! I think if we asked Zane he would say you missed 50.

    Keep up the good work and best of luck in summer league this week. Big game on Thursday.

  3. Didn’t Zane say you were trying to build a compound hahaha… Anyway, look forward to the boyz tearing it up this year. Zane and Hauns should be lighting nets on fire from deep and Shaq is going be ridiculous handling the rock and distributing to all these scorers this year!

  4. So Dayton, what happened to truth in journalism? LOL. Was 5, 17 or 50? Doesn’t really matter as long as he drops them on Thursday against Electricians.

  5. Zane and Hauns are gonna be dropping some bombs this season, can’t wait.

    who’s gonna take Bill’s place in Zane and Bill’s road trip videos???

  6. Dayton,
    Appreciate the workout videos;

    Hauns, i used your work-out video from back East to show our 6-year old (Kaila) how to really jump rope and our nine-year old (Ryan) how to build his hops and legs on the stairs — not letting any of ’em push cars & trucks yet (‘cos our street has too much traffic — you probably already noticed that about Honolulu);

    i thought the Last Five Shots of Saturday Night’s Game YOU shoulda had at least two or three of ’em — that would probably have stemmed the tide, forced a tie or earn a win …

    it doesn’t look like this fall’s team will be shy of “prime-time” shooters, but we do track game winning shots (although games less than five points might NOT be so frequent and hard to “call” a game-winner then) … but you already look like (along with Zane and MAYBE Shaq) ice-in-the-veins daggers …

    [Pauoa — maybe it was ‘edited down’ to Five, although i BET by start of fall camp Hauns is hitting 25-33% plus from half-court (one in three or four, or better, since Pi’i will keep him working on it) — although the scholarship students might miss 17 from half-court, i would be embarrassed if i ever had a day missing 17 in a row … unless it was 3/4 court (the other free-throw line; we used to “practice” that ‘in the day’ ‘cos we had a guy, probably like Pi’i, that would hit 50% from midcourt and it seemed one in four from 3/4)…]

  7. Dayton —
    Looking for More LIGHT Out of The Darkness:
    Seems Like we Now have TWO Dark Continents…

    Having already “lost” DeShawn,
    i’m praying we don’t even lose one out of the three California Scholarship signees; although it’s starting to sound like two out of three might not be so bad –
    – Stevens, Dillon & Blakes MIGHT make a Big Difference in Front-line Strength,
    esp. with the Vander ‘Situation’ —

    IS There a WAY to Track the NCAA Clearinghouse (almost Real-Time) ?

    Does ANYBODY Know when the Angola National Team Plays or COULD “Qualify as Africa’s Best” Team ? Website?
    [We ought to have gotten Vander hooked on Twitter…]

  8. Dayton, what is happening with Vander’s situation? Is he going to stay on the Angola Olympic team and not return to play for Hawaii? Can you please find out?

  9. Steve,

    There are still many variables involved in Vander’s situation, including him even making Angola’s final roster, and Angola qualifying for the 2012 Olympics. I don’t think anything will be resolved until late August (after Angola plays in its Olympic qualifying tournament).

    As I said in a previous post, hopefully UH has a plan to petition Angola basketball officials to allow Vander to participate in at least some (if not all) of the upcoming college basketball season.

  10. Dayton, any updates yet on Biggs,Blakes,and Steven’s ,some blogger posted Stevens was headed to a jc ,didnt get accepted at UH,is that a rumour?

  11. Still hopefull we will see all three at UH, fingers crossed.

  12. Hope to see Vander back to UH before school starts.He should make a big difference between having a great season or good season.

  13. Let’s just say that all three of the California recruits still have some work to do before they can get here.

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