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Tavita aiming for “shooting license” this summer

If the Hawaii College Basketball Summer League is any indication, Jace Tavita has found an outside shot.

Now he just has to wait a little longer to use it with the Hawaii basketball team.

Tavita scored 22 points – including six 3-pointers – to help lead the Central Medical Clinic team to a 93-91 win over the Grantco Pacific team in a summer league game on Thursday at the Manoa Valley Recreation Gym.

“I’ve been working on it,” said Tavita, a 6-foot-4 guard. “It’s been paying off – I’ve been making shots, so it’s been good.”

Tavita said he has been working on his jump shot every day with teammates Hauns Brereton and Bobby Miles. He said they are all trying to earn their “shooting license” before the end of summer.

“Me and Hauns, we have this drill – you have to make 35 out of 50 shots to get your shooting license,” Tavita said. “Neither one of us have gotten it yet, so we’re still working on it. But we get in about an hour before open gym and we stay about an hour after … keep getting up shots just to get my confidence up, get repetitions up in the summer time.”

It’s hardly fair to compare summer league statistics to NCAA Division I games, but as a point of reference, consider this: Tavita made six 3-pointers in his two-plus seasons at Utah (a total of 60 games).

Unfortunately, Tavita will not get to display his shooting touch with the Warriors until mid-December. He will have to sit out the games in November and early-December due to NCAA transfer rules.

He transferred to Hawaii from Utah last December, and will be a senior with the Warriors during the 2011-12 season.

(Photo by Brandon Flores/www.brandonfloresphotography.com)


  1. I’m working on other video clips from Thursday’s summer league games. Will try to post either late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

    In addition to Tavita, several other Warriors played well.

    Zane Johnson hit six 3s and scored 20; Trevor Wiseman scored 20. They both play for Electricians Hawaii, which is alone in first place.

    Davis Rozitis scored 20 for Grantco Pacific (which lost to Central Medical Clinic). Bobby Miles added 14 for Grantco.

    Got more photos as well.

  2. Thanks, Dayton
    i had the question, you’ve already got the answers …

    i SAW Those Box Scores … AND Was Wondering IF they were evidence of the Hard OFF-SEASON Work — THIS IS where the Game Threes come from — reminiscent of Mike McIntyre (and several others) who upped their floor time and game value by practicing tirelessly (near-perfectly 70-90%) until 40-50+% game time was “expected” AND delivered more times than not (that’s how you get a Seasonal 33-40% + average)…

    UHBB’ers: In case you missed it: At the End of BC’s show and On Artie Wilson’s show yesterday, Artie (the Coach of Winning Electrician’s Hawai’i) noted that they knew of Hauns’ team and game-break value, so they had devised Special Traps and Double-Teams (to deny Hauns the ball, or immediately suffocate him from all sides when it did get to him); ” Hauns was turning and ELEVATING Up, Firing and Hitting his threes right out of the Traps and Double-Teams” (as Dayton also points out in the posted videos)…

    Comment: Savo built his repertoire with side-steps, dribble-stops and quick releases over his three years here, BUT never overcame flat out double teams …

    To Quote the Great Admiral Ackbar: “It’s a Trap ! ”
    i expect Hawai’i with improved quickness, athleticism, hard work, experience AND Team Prep Time will be setting Quite a Few themselves this coming season …

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