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Pacific Risk Solutions presents … WarriorInsider.com to Asia

Ni hao!

WarriorInsider.com is headed to Asia.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Schmidt family at Pacific Risk Solutions, the “Send WarriorInsider.com to Asia” campaign has raised enough funds to travel with the Hawaii basketball team on its historic trip to Asia in August.

The Warriors are set to play exhibition games in China and Japan during a trip that will run from Aug. 5 to 21. Thanks to Pacific Risk Solutions – and 15 other donors to the campaign – WarriorInsider.com will be able to provide coverage of the team during the trip.

“Besides us here in Hawaii that are interested, we have Hawaii fans on the Mainland, we have Hawaii recruits that are interested in the program, and by you showing this – the first time a Hawaii team is in China and playing teams in Japan — it’s huge for the program and huge for our state,” said Tony Schmidt, owner of Pacific Risk Solutions. “We wanted to do our part to make sure that you can make the trip and we’re very happy to do so.”

Schmidt said his son, Hunter, is big fan of the Hawaii basketball team, and he will now get to follow the Warriors in Asia through WarriorInsider.com.

“I know Hunter would like to go to China, but we can’t go, so we’re going to watch (WarriorInsider.com) film the team and blog,” Schmidt said.

The campaign was sparked with a $200 donation from Alan Lee, and several other supporters followed with generous donations.

As of last weekend, the campaign was well short of the $4,000 to $5,000 needed to fund the trip, but the Schmidt family came to the rescue and picked up the tab.

Pacific Risk Solutions is an insurance consulting firm. Schmidt helps corporations in Hawaii and around the world set up insurance programs. Anyone interested in such services can check his website at www.pacificrisksolutions.com.

WarriorInsider.com will recognize Pacific Risk Solutions as the title sponsor of all coverage during the Asia trip.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the others who made donations. Here is the list:

Alan Lee
Glen Takishita
Former Honolulu Advertiser Sports Department Employee
Palolo Warrior
Mike and Sue Tabor

There were also two other donors who asked to remain anonymous and were thanked privately.


  1. Much Mahaloz to Tony and the others who have contributed to the effort of getting Dayton on the plane. The coverage that Dayton and this site provides to the program is unprecedented, and is a huge boost for the program. What Tony and the others have done is pretty remarkable. Congratulations.

  2. Great news! Thanks Pacific Risk Solutions for being the title sponsor. Now on to China and Japan.:)

  3. Thanks for the props mid-range game and Palolo Warrior. We were so glad that we could help get Dayton to China and Japan with the team. It will be a life changing experience for the young men on the Warrior Basketball Team and to have this documented on film and through this blog is going to be priceless. I also want to point out (which I forgot to do in the video) the amount of time and effort that goes into this website by Dayton and Dean on their own time and own dime. I think sometimes we take for granted what an awesome job these guys do to report on the Team for all of us. Any support we can give will be well worth it to keep warriorinsider.com going strong into the future, just like the Warrior Basketball Team! – Aloha, Tony Schmidt

  4. Right on, much mahalos to the Schmidt family and everybody else who contributed. If I wasn’t so poor I would’ve tried to help but money is tight. Anyway, looking forward to seeing the coverage of our beloved Warrior Basketball team. I hope our Warrior Boyz are ready and our incoming recruits Biggs and Blakes make the grade. Losing Stevens sucks but bruddah was given the opportunity and didn’t pull his end of the deal…so sad. I hope Coach Gib got some recruits in his hip pocket to maybe sign later or save em for next year and get some more talented guys. Look forward to seeing a much improved team as well as a much more talented crop of newbies in Shaq Stokes, Hauns Brereton, and hopefully Biggs and Blakes. So I guess that opens up 3 scholies for next year with Zane leaving and our 2 recruits not making the grade… Hope we land some nice bigs and another scorer on the wing. I think we got our point man in Shaquille Stokes so we’re straight. Regardless, I can’t wait for this season to get started and for our Warrior team to play in the NCAA March Madness Tournament!

  5. Thanks to the Schmidt ohana for sending WarriorInsider to Asia.Dayton looking forward with your coverage.

  6. WarriorInsider.com better be reporting 24/7 now that they are getting funded! I want more than one post a day, especially if the trip is free!!!

    A breakdown of each new player’s skills and how they play with the others is a must.

    Box scores and some additional up close material will be greatly appreciated.

  7. Make It Worth It,

    Perhaps if you made a contribution I could take your advice a little more seriously.

    Just kidding.

    I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have this opportunity and all I can say is I will be trying my best to “make it worth it.”

    I can’t make any promises on coverage as I have no idea what type of logistical obstacles I may face in a foreign country. I do plan on gathering lots of details and video. When or how it gets posted may be another issue. We’ll see when we get there.

    There will be other media representatives making the trip, so hopefully between this site and other outlets, this historic trip will be well-documented (as it deserves to be).

  8. Make It Worth It: Trust in Dayton that this is not just a boondoggle for him. He’ll try his best to file reports/video, but so much depends on the logistics involved.

  9. Make it Worth it,

    We all have trust in Dayton or we would not have contributed to make this trip possible. Dayton has been reporting on Hawaii sports since the early 90’s. Seems to me like you haven’t done your homework on Dayton Morinaga.

  10. Make it Worth it no worry. One of the reasons why I made a donation for this trip is because I’ve been following Dayton’s UH basketball coverage for many years and I like his coverage of the games and events. I look forward to the upcoming games. Can’t wait a’ready.

  11. Big Time Thanks to The Schmidts & Pacific Risk Solutions
    AND All Contributors and Well-Wishers
    who helped get this support moving and over the top …

    Thank YOU to Dayton — that’s why we do it — for demonstrating the valuable coverage support and documentation we’re looking for …

    YOU ALL might have even ‘Kicked” BRAND X over the top (for their management) to realize the import and possible historic value of this trip…

    Likely — In the Long Run — we’re all contributing to a better overall program …

    AND Thanks too for the Tireless and Continuous Efforts and Super Hard Work of Gib, Staff and TEAM (Zane, Vander, Shaq, Hauns, Joston et.al.), probably a Big-Time Program …. [THAT We’ll SEE and Enjoy…]

    LAST to MIWW– Because it is a “LOW” Comment – The Challenge was to Back Up Your Comments – NOT Just Expect “Freebies” on The Web – Every thing of Value Gets Funded by ‘The Players’ One Way or The Other …

    IN Dayton’s Case: His Own Time AND Money like his Whole Wallet On-the-Line including Travel Incidentals (There’s NO Free Lunches or Trips) — JUST Like NOW and for years before — investing HIS Time and Efforts to Find, Pull and Post the Most Valuable of UHBB Info —

    RE: YOUR “Numbers” — i’d prefer one or two “Good” Posts per day than Just “The Volume” or Numbers we might infer from your Post similar to what me might Find @ Brand X — i’m among the group that wants QUALITY of Information — i don’t want to have to “Sift” through 300 Marginal to Zero Value Posted comments to find what is good, insightful, well thought-out and/or important …

    For starters, i’m hoping China allows relative “Freedom” of Internet Access and Posts ….

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