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Two members of the incoming class of recruits for the Hawaii basketball team have arrived in Honolulu, and they made quite a first impression in the College Basketball Summer League on Tuesday night.

Point guard Shaquille Stokes and forward Hauns Brereton combined for 44 points and 12 3-pointers to lead the Army team to a convincing victory at the Manoa Valley Recreation Gym.

Stokes led the way with a game-high 27 points, including seven 3-pointers. Brereton added 17 points and five 3-pointers – including several from NBA range.

“I showed at least a little bit of what I can do, bring to the Hawaii program,” Stokes said. “(Play) quick and get people open.”

Brereton added: “I’m just lucky to have a player like him that can do things like that; that has that ability. Same for me, I’m going to do my best to get him open.”

Stokes, who is 5-feet-11 and 175 pounds, will be a true freshman for the Warriors during the 2011-12 season. If his summer league debut is any indication, he could challenge for a starting spot in the Hawaii backcourt immediately.

Brereton, who is 6-7 and 210 pounds, was also impressive in his debut. He scored 14 of his 17 points in the first half, then sat out most of the second half when the game turned into a blowout.

He will be a junior for the Warriors during the 2011-12 season, and is also expected to make immediate contributions.

Both players made long trips to get to Hawaii. Stokes is from Harlem, N.Y., and was named the New York City Player of the Year last season as a senior at Lincoln High.

Brereton played last season at Western Nebraska Community College, but spent the past few weeks with his family in Memphis, Tenn. He has several relatives on Oahu, and spent time with them over the holiday weekend.

“I got family here, friends here and it’s in Hawaii – you get to ball … not much more you can ask for,” he said.

Stokes and Brereton are two of five new scholarship recruits expected to join the Warriors for the 2011-12 season.

The other three are all from California – Dillon Biggs, Gerry Blakes and Ronnie Stevens. Those three are still in California and will likely not arrive in Hawaii in time to join the summer league.

Several of the returning Warriors from last season are expected to join summer league rosters later this week, including Bobby Miles, Davis Rozitis, Jace Tavita, Joston Thomas and Trevor Wiseman.


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  2. Stokes and Brereton sure looked like the real deal in the summer league. You can see the quickness and driving ability in Stokes with range and a willingness to pass. Point guard written all over him. Brereton definitely has a very smooth looking shot and his constant movement. These two will help a lot with the 3 point concerns at UH. With these two on the Army team along with Sensley, this will make the Electrician vs Army matchup on 7/14 really a great game.
    Tavita played last night for Central Medical. Showed good hustle.

  3. the new dynamic duo have arrived!

    impressive, no doubt.

  4. hoping that the three cal hs boys make it through.

  5. stokes seems to be a very articulate and mature true freshman. he will no doubt compete for the pg position. love his ability to take that three. we missed that element last year.

    i could see a set in which both miah and shaq are in the game buzz-flying about the court driving the opposition nuts like two nats.

  6. …RE: al @ 819am

    Yes Shaq and Miah harassing front and back, BOTH with Good-to-Great Vision and Passing, BOTH Able to nail the Threes (i’m expecting Miah to show up ready to Three on Day One, just as one improvement (re-capture for him) from last year;

    As a Team with Zane, Shaq, Hans & Miah plus anyone else who CAN get their 3’s up near 40% OR finish @ the hoop,

    …maybe “Shaq & AWE!” (as in Auwe! for the Visiting Team … and for the home team when we’re on the road) …

    GET More Money to Dayton ! NOW This is the kind of info i was looking everywhere else on the web … BUT ONLY HERE … DON’T YOU WANT THIS For CHINA-JAPAN ?

  7. great video and interview. I don’t know what to believe as it’s been stated these are only pickup games. NO defense played

    No doubt they can ball, but there’s no real pressure defensively so I’d guess if Bo was here he’d be lighting it up too.

  8. Right on, Eagle. Would be great to see how the guys do on the road in a different environment.

  9. These two dudes are going to be abusing peeps this year. Stokes is my man, you can just see the skills in his poise, handling the rock and attacking relentlessly. Expectations will be sky high with all the new additions plus our core of players from last year. This team is on the rise for sure and this year is going to be exciting. With Stokes and incoming Gerry Blakes on the wings, they are going to cause headaches. Stokes is already proven against tough competition in NY and Blakes is killer too. Hope all the Cali boyz make it down to the islands soon. The lineup of having Stokes, Blakes, Biggs, and Stevens for the next 4 years is going to be rocking the Stan Sheriff Fa Sho!

  10. Shaq and Hauns looks good although it’s only summer league.Hope to see Shaq step in at point guard and contribute right way.Having a good point guard will determine how far our team will go.Although we still need to replace Bill Amis.

  11. Hauns can fill Amis’s role… also look for Vander to be a double-double machine, Rozitis is going to see significant minutes. Garrans you will see a new and much improved Joston Thomas as well. Once Ronnie Stevens gets on board he’ll be a beast down low…

  12. I see Hauns as more of a 3 because of his shooting skills, with Shaq at the point, Johnson at 2, Thomas at 4 and Vander in the post. Kinda worried about the three California kids; It’d be devastating if none of them qualify.

  13. Does anyone know the status on Kainoa Chu? Heard he injured his knee during one of the games. Hope nothing serious. Mahalo

  14. Dayton et. al. ?

    1) Is there an updated schedule of Men’s NCAA BB Games ?

    (it’s a little hard planning ahead with the Daily Rag only listing Today or tomorrow’s games …)

    2) IS it time for the website to list The “UNOFFICIAL / Prospective Roster (or even Two-Deeps) ?

    IF you have a FAX i can send MY Two-Deep Draft )

    BTW: i’m liking “Shaq and AUWE !” –
    (Shaq can be Shaq, Miah can be Shock – it honors the Team from the “littlest stars and sets up Another BIG Finish!)
    It’s got the flavor of the Haka but works in priunt, voice and you can convey it the Five Seconds it takes for the Next Three or SLAM !

  15. True Hauns is a 3 but Amis to me should’ve been a 3 as well. His game is more finesse than bang although he held his own in the paint. Hauns seems stronger than Bill was, plus Joston has a stronger build as well. Regardless our only true big man on the roster is Vander Joaquim… Rozitis is more of a Euro type Toni Kukoc to me and not much of a banger either. Lets hope the 3 Cali kids make it cause that would just be talent wasted right there. Blakes is a baller and Biggs got that potential cause he’s still raw and hasn’t really reached his full potential. In any case Shaquille Stokes and Hauns Brereton should be in the starting five right off the bat!

  16. Eagle,

    All remaining summer league games will be Thursdays and Saturdays at Manoa Valley Rec through Aug. 6. Two games per night, first game at 6 p.m., second game follows around 7:30.

    There are six teams in the league and four teams play per night. However, there is at least one current UH player on every team, so you should be able to see the Warriors in action no matter which night you go.

    As for a depth chart, it’s a little too early for me to come up with one — I’d rather wait until the fall semester starts in late August to see what the roster looks like at that point. I think it’s great, though, that fans such as yourself are excited about the season starting.

  17. dayton, today artie was raving about hauns and shaq. that’s good news to hear confirmation by both you and artie.

    artie mentioned that hauns is more like 6’4 to 6’5″ as compared to his listed height of 6’7″.

    what say you regarding his height?

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