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Countdown to Asia

The countdown to the Asia trip for the Hawaii basketball team is underway.

One practice down, nine more to go.

The Warriors went through their first team practice on Monday in preparation for the historic trip to Asia, which is scheduled for Aug. 5 to 21.

“We had our first practice today and the guys went really hard,” Hawaii head coach Gib Arnold said. “Sloppy, kind of expected for the first practice of the summer … I think we did a good job overall, the guys went hard and it was a good spirited practice.”

Per NCAA rules, the Warriors will be allowed to conduct 10 team practices in advance of the international trip. Given the limited time — and that there are five newcomers who will be making the trip — Arnold said he is keeping the practices basic.

“I don’t expect us to put a whole lot in, but I do want us to get a basic motion offense in, and then the foundation of our defense,” Arnold said. “That’s really about it. I don’t think we’re going to put in a whole of plays or sets. I’d rather have the guys get more used to playing with each other.”

The travel roster will feature 10 players, including the five first-year Warriors. Only one senior — guard Zane Johnson — will make the trip. Fellow seniors Miah Ostrowski (football) and Jace Tavita (NCAA transfer rules) are not on the travel roster because neither will be able to play in games with the Warriors until December.

In effect, sophomores Bobby Miles and Trevor Wiseman can now be considered veterans.

“We gotta teach all the new players the new players, all the new plays, how to guard this, all the little sets we have, all the calls we got,” Miles said.

The 10 players who will make the trip to Asia:

Hauns Brereton, F, Jr.
Tyler Brown, F, Fr.
Brandon Jawato, G, Fr.
Zane Johnson, G, Sr.
Bobby Miles, G, So.
Pi’i Minns, G/F, So.
Davis Rozitis, F/C, So.
Shaquille Stokes, G, Fr.
Joston Thomas, F, Jr.
Trevor Wiseman, F, So.


  1. hmmm. four totally new guys on the list.
    two more who redshirted last year.
    and four veterans from last year all of whom that played for the first time a year ago.

    so vander is with the angolan natl team.
    miah is prepping for football.
    dominick probably not coming back.
    jace tavita is playing summer ball but his name is not listed.
    two more on the bubble.
    two more alleged recruits may be coming in august.

  2. How many on travel list are walk ons?

  3. In Case al’s Important INFO Got Buried under the 300+ Junk-Blog Messages…
    (OR we haven’t learned how to glean such info from the maze…)

    July 18th, 2011 at 8:35 am
    victor bermudez…this could be a new recruit for gibber. 6’3″ slasher.

    jjay – Of the 10 players who were listed to make the trip to Asia: Added
    S- Already Scholarshipped;
    WO – Walk-On – Could Earn Scholarship AS Available
    (with Starts, PT, Pure Hard Work & Results; (In a Rising / Building Program i would think Walk-Ons would have a Harder Time earning a “Full-Ride” because you also would have to be Better than The Next Guy — The Player(s) to Be Named Later and Some of Them are Gonna Be REALLY GOOD (Look at our Most Recent Scholarship Signees e.g., Hauns & Shaq)….

    Hauns Brereton, F, Jr. – S
    Tyler Brown, F, Fr. – – WO
    Brandon Jawato, G, Fr. – WO
    Zane Johnson, G, Sr. – S
    Bobby Miles, G, So. – S
    Pi’i Minns, G/F, So. – WO
    Davis Rozitis, F/C, So. – S
    Shaquille Stokes, G, Fr. – S
    Joston Thomas, F, Jr. – S
    Trevor Wiseman, F, So. – S

    So 7 Scholarships, 3 Walk-Ons

    [3 Potential SCHOLARSHIP Returnees / Add-ons to be On-Board Later?
    2 Later Available: Miah & Jace Tavita]

    Why isn’t Tyler McDaniels going ? i thought he WAS already enrolled in school;
    and his Dad on Staff ought to be able to afford a Trip that can help his son earn PT or a scholarship)

  4. I believe Tyler not enrolled in second session summer which is why he isnt going.

  5. Hey Dayton,

    What’s the word about Blakes and Biggs? Ferd Lewis had an article that alluded to both of them possibly not qualifying. I really hope that’s not true, it would mean possibly 2/3 of Gib’s class did not qualify.

  6. they both still up in the air although Blakes indicated he is coming via Warrior Sports Network blog on Aug 21

  7. Zane, donʻt leave the ground in a trap!

  8. Anybody out there know why Dominick Brumfield isn’t on the travel roster ?????

  9. 808 – This is From Dayton @ the “INSIDER FORUM”
    [Link – See TOP RIGHT of This Page]:

    Dominick has not made it back to Hawaii yet and so is not enrolled in summer school. He is attending to several matters back home, including his still-injured knee.

    Looks like he’ll be another wait-and-see status for fall semester.

  10. Dayton — in basics, i agree with Couch Coach —

    We WERE Taught never to give up your step and a half by leaving your feet in a trap (except for the less frequent case that you couldn’t step free but could Leap towards a passing lane and dish off or clear out the ball;

    BUT thanks to your video post we know Hauns is much stronger than the average too-skinny ball player, a result of his dedication to a weight and stairs training regimen that includes pushing 3000 to 5000 pound vehicles– ADDING Artie’s astounded, yet positive reaction, to Haun’s Rise above the Trap strategy — Was he really being successful ? that is, able to elevate, turn and square up well enough to HIT his shots ? Once the trappers are up to speed, they would likely next challenge to block the attempted shot but with Hauns strength that might just turn into fouls as his arms and the ball power through the attempted caps

    Comments ?

    Tonight: 7/21

    Plan to Watch the HAUNS BRERETON (and Tyler BROWN plus Julian Sensley of ARMY) VS SHAQUILLE STOKES & Brandon JAWATO (plus Doug Kurtz) of Wealth Strategy show @ 6 pm;

    Then 0730 pm Undefeated 7-0 Electricians Hawai’i (ZANE JOHNSON & TREVOR WISEMAN (plus Kainoa CHU, Bobby Nash & Derrick Low) Versus Nat’l Fire Protection with JOSTON THOMAS & Tyler McDaniels

    Remember they’re only in town for Another Two Weeks (before China-Japan)

    BTW: i think it’s AMAZING that the NCAA Summer Basketball League is Organized and put on by THE REFS — IF you’re ever shouting out at them, maybe it oughta be for Taking their Part-Time (?) Jobs / Passions So Seriously ! that they would run a full-speed league to allow practice and getting up-to-Speed…

  11. Let’s cross our fingers on Blakes and Biggs. They would be a big addition in the rotation.

  12. Should know by end of July if these two are coming or not

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