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Help send WarriorInsider.com to Asia

WarriorInsider.com would like to accompany the Hawaii basketball team on its upcoming trip to Asia.

But we need your help.

Thanks to loyal UH basketball fan Alan Lee, a donation campaign is underway to raise funds to send WarriorInsider.com on the Asia trip to hopefully provide coverage for the fans who can not make the trip.

“I probably won’t make the China trip, but I wanted to see and know what’s going on,” Lee said. “Basically, I want to ask and challenge everyone to help chip in and help get us this coverage.”

Lee started the campaign with a $200 donation.

The Warriors’ trip to Asia is scheduled for Aug. 5 to 21, with stops in China and Japan. In addition to practice/exhibition games against various teams, the Warriors will participate in cultural activities throughout the trip.

The “Send WarriorInsider.com to Asia” campaign will end on July 12, at which point a decision will be made on whether or not there is enough money to fund the trip.

If enough funds are raised, WarriorInsider.com will provide daily coverage during the trip (assuming Internet connections will be available).

If the donation campaign comes up short, the money raised will be saved for a future road trip during the season – perhaps the 2012 WAC Tournament, or (fingers crossed) the 2012 NCAA Tournament.

Anyone interested in joining the list of donors can send an e-mail inquiry to Dayton Morinaga at Dayton@warriorinsider.com.

A special thank you to Alan Lee for making the initial donation, and for sparking the idea to start this campaign.


  1. Great news! Thanks Alan for kicking it off. Dayton, talk to you later.

  2. I really hope this works out. I would love to see updates of this trip on warriorinsider.com

  3. Thanks Palolo,

    Running Out of Time to Get Warrior Insider There …

    Enjoyed hearing Kolten’s Journey Kick-Off Today …

    We Need that kind of Coverage to Enjoy This ‘Bows historic Season
    Running Out of Time to Get Warrior Insider There …

    [Also Posting @ S Tsai’s Site: http://warriorbeat.honadvblogs.com

    UH Basketball: It all starts with the Work leading up to “Great Seasons” and looks already among “The Best” Pre-Season Prep and Action Plan our Program has ever put together …!
    1) Recruiting — Check (with a bunch more work to follow)
    2) Adjustment / Transition to Hawai’i (Summer School and NCAA Summer League – Check)
    3) “Road Hardening”- China-Japan + Bonus Build for The Future)–

    As an example, The Years that started with U.H. playing in Tourneys in Hilo or even better, Alaska, put the teams through early growth and early challenges that resulted in tougher teams and results including (early and) late season wins that catapulted them to greater heights … 93-94 Alaska to NCAA: From losing by AN AVERAGE of 50 ppg in Alaska ( including some Freshman Phenom named Tim Duncan — still playing !) to Winning the WAC and a berth in the NCAA Tourney…

    … On To Greater Heights and Distances N.Y., St. Louis, China Japan

    [BTW: the Word that Georgetown is working a similar trip only reinforces the wisdom of all this — i always thought thew were a smart and even over-achieving program …]

  4. Yes, time is winding down and the contributions have been coming in slowly (a very special thank you to those who have contributed).

    We are not on a good pace right now to get WarriorInsider.com to Asia, so hopefully it picks up as we enter July.

  5. NA MAHALO ! for Getting “WarriorInsider.com to Asia”…

    Over The TOP !

    To ALL The Step Up Contributors and Well-Wishers who helped
    AND (i bet) make something good happen Every Day …

    Glen Takishita
    Former Honolulu Advertiser Sports Department Employee
    Palolo Warrior
    Lisa Arnold’s Parents
    Mike and Sue Tabor
    F & B Arnold
    The Schmidt Family & Pacific Risk Solutions (Last, NOT Least)

    That’s Another ‘Whole ‘Nother Level’ ….
    In the Long Effort to Take This Program to its Greatest Heights

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