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Who’s got hops?

The Hawaii basketball team went through numerous strength and conditioning drills this past week in an effort to get a jump start on next season.

Of all the drills, the vertical jump seems to generate the most buzz. While the ability to jump high does not necessarily create playing time, it is fascinating to watch.

Interesting enough, the two players with the highest verticals did not even see action for the Warriors this past season. Redshirts Pi’i Minns and Jace Tavita each had a standing vertical jump of 31 inches.

In the one-step vertical jump, Tavita topped Minns by one inch, 33-32.

Both players had to sit out due to NCAA transfer rules (Minns came from Chaminade; Tavita from Utah), and were members of the scout team in practice. Both will be eligible to play in games next season.

The Warriors completed various drills during the week, and the results will be used as a gauge for improvement during the off-season.


  1. It’s amazing to see the vertical numbers for these basketball players so low. You would think they would be higher. Check the verticals (standing) for the football players on pro day. Guys like Ginlack (29″), Letuli (30.5) and lacount (33″) are all 300 lbs plus. What does this say about our basketball players? Weight room!!!

  2. Weight room! = Heffernan for the summer ! Coach Tommy will get them going on a summer plan of strength and explosion.

  3. Yes, I think you will see vastly improved numbers when they do these tests again in October.

    For one, this version of the vertical test came after the completion of a long season and then a 10-day break of inactivity.

    The whole purpose of doing it at this time of year (when the bodies are worn down) is to set a standard for the summer so the guys can see their progress and improvement.

    Also, not really a good comparison with the football guys, who were training for months to perform at their peak on pro day. I think if you tested those same football guys after 10 days of inactivitiy, you’d see different results as well.

    Then again, this isn’t exactly a group of high-flyers to begin with. The amazing part might be how a team that gets out-jumped by football linemen still managed to win 19 games.

  4. i hope we could get couple of high-flyers just for filling up the stands

  5. high flyers…enter gerry blakes, michael harvey, and dillon biggs. for starters anyway. lil birdie is singing about another big who can soar with eagles and don’t forget the pg is coming.

    chris macmillan is the strength/conditioning coordinator for basketball.

  6. I take it that the guys will be hitting the weight/exercise room weekly to stay in shape before next season. I’m curious to see how much they improve on their jumping stats. I guess because they’re so exciting, everybody is going after those high flyers.

  7. i bet this year’s class will blow away the rest of the team in terms of vertical….jerry, dillon and deshawn…not sure about ronnie he just got those long arms

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