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Thomas wants to come back leaner and faster

You can’t always believe the word on the street.

Joston Thomas knows that first-hand. The forward for the Hawaii basketball team was walking through downtown Honolulu one evening recently when a group of people approached and asked him why he wasn’t coming back to play for the Warriors.

“I don’t know where that came from,” he said with a laugh.

For the record, Thomas said he is returning for his junior season with the Warriors – and his plan is to come back leaner and faster.

“Actually I’m going to try to cut about 15 pounds just to be a little bit quicker,” said Thomas, who currently weighs around 250. “But I’m going to still try to stay at the same strength.”

Thomas averaged 9.7 points and 5.1 rebounds per game as a sophomore this past season – his first season of NCAA Division I basketball. His season had ups and downs – he reached double-figure points in 17 games, but also went through a stretch where he scored four total points in three games.

“I feel like this year was the hardest because this was the rebuild,” he said. “We had a lot of new faces and we weren’t able to come in and pick from the start how to play with each other. But I still feel like we meshed well together and I think we’re going to do it even more so this year, and we’ll come back next season ready to go.”

For his part, Thomas said he plans to stay in Hawaii through the summer so that he can train with the UH strength and conditioning program.


  1. Sounds good, but it’d be better if he came back with a better attitude. At least once per game he’d take the ball the hoop selfishly and get blocked badly. Team game josten, team game.

  2. Excellent news. Glad to hear he is coming back and looking to be quicker. Joston’s going to be huge for the team next year.

    I’m a big Joston Thomas fan and I think he’ll do some good things this upcoming season.

  3. Give him time, Joston will put it all together.

  4. Keep working on your academics, game and conditioning Joston. No reason you can’t make a living doing what you love.

  5. joston may want to see dennis agena about improving his shooting form.

  6. Great to hear Josten.

    IMHO, i think his shooting form is fine (changing his form at this point in his career may mess it up for a year or more while he’s trying to adjust)…all he needs at this point is to go out every day with Bo Barnes and shoot and shoot and shoot…..

    Go Warriors!

  7. Live and learn hard work,positive attitude will pay off for you.

  8. I know it was partially said in jest, but actually, you go to Dennis Agena to improve your ballhandling — a skill he and a few others could improve on.

  9. maybe just accept that your not a shooter,(more of a scorer) and of course keep working at it but there are other things that you can bring to the table

  10. dennis is known for ballhandling skills…true. but, his expertise is basketball in general. he knows how to teach shooting form. especiallh from the line. if i am not mistaken dennis shot 95% from the stripe during his high school career.

  11. Coach Dennis is an excellent shooting clinician ,and would be a boon to the men’s program if he can give the guys who need the help, assistance during the blackout period where there is no coaching by the coaching staff. I am sure he would go to Manoa and help the boys,some of the guys staying for the summer would also benefit.

  12. That’s great he has decided to return next season. Hope all the off season work outs do him good.

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