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Recruiting update from Benjy Taylor

After a whirlwind of visits to various recruits, the coaches for the Hawaii basketball team returned to Honolulu this week to “put some pieces together.”

Assistant coach Benjy Taylor, who is also the team’s recruiting coordinator, said the next step is to identify which recruits to bring in for official visits over the next two weeks.

“We went recruiting for a few days first, then went right to Houston to the Final Four,” Taylor said. “We’re back now, ready to put some pieces together.”

Head coach Gib Arnold went all the way to Europe, while the assistants spread out across the Western and Midwestern United States.

The Warriors will have at least three scholarships to fill for the 2011-12 season, and Taylor noted that the coaches are also starting to recruit players for the 2012-13 season.

Per NCAA rules, coaches can not comment on specific recruits. In this video interview, Taylor gives a general update on Hawaii’s recruiting:


  1. tks…things are looking up.

  2. exciting april 13 coming fast. one guard with biggs and harvey forsure?

  3. Benji:

    Just give us two words: Pierre Jackson!!!!!

  4. Need to recruit a good point guard. In college Basketball a good guard is the difference between having a winning or losing season.

  5. its more than just a point guard every position helps

  6. Let’s hope for the best come sign-up day. Yeah, I think all the good teams have a good play making guard who can shoot the free throws during crunch time. Scary to think how many more games UH could have won if they were a good free throw percentage team.

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