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Odunsi would be a great late addition

It remains to be seen what level of interest Texas prep recruit Anthony Odunsi has in the Hawaii basketball team, but this much is known – he’d be a great late get for the Warriors.

Odunsi is a 6-foot-4, 200-pound combo guard out of Travis High School in Fort Bend County, Texas.

He signed a letter of intent with Iowa State during the early signing period in November, but requested a release last week. Because he was granted a release by Iowa State, Odunsi’s recruiting process is open again (except to other teams in the Big 12).

Hawaii is apparently pouncing on the opportunity, although several other schools have been mentioned in connection with the recruitment Odunsi, including national runner-up Butler.

Odunsi averaged 18.3 points, 3.7 rebounds and 3.3 assists during his senior season and was a first-team all-district selection. He shot 53 percent from the field, and 85 percent from the free-throw line. He has an aggressive style of play, as evidenced by his 195 free-throw attempts in 33 games.

He was primarily a point guard at Travis, but can also play shooting guard – which would make him a nice fit as a multi-position player in Hawaii’s system.

“He can do many things – he’s not one of those guys who can do only one thing,” Travis coach Craig Brownson said in a video feature posted in February by MaxPreps.com. “He’s kind of a jack-of-all-trades. For us, he can bring the ball up the court, but he’s also a very good shooter.”

Odunsi says in the video: “I like everything. I just like being a total basketball player for my team … I do what ever it takes for us to win.”

Odunsi was ranked as the No. 5 player in all of Houston for the class of 2011 by houstonpreps.net. The four players ranked ahead of him all signed with major basketball programs, including two with Texas.

Here is the MaxPreps feature video on Odunsi:

(Photo from Rivals.com)


  1. saying my prayers….

  2. It is very, very, very, very cold in indianapolis. lot warmer, with a lot more flavor in Honolulu.

  3. he said he like what the coach has to offer but has to weigh his options and make the best decision. that was as of yesterday so i guess we are in the running but he didn’t want to say and might not sign with anyone tomorrow yet

  4. Sounds like another guy who is playing with us and not really seriously considering UH .

  5. From what I hear this kid is a steal. Word has it that coach Arnold got on a flight the same day that he heard he backed out of Iowa St.. He a multi dimensional guard who will contribute instantly. He is perfect for Coach Arnold’s system. Its early but all i can say is NCAA BABY……

  6. somebody did tip the gibber off on this guy. i was hoping it was his hs coach. we’ll see. maybe he is coming in for a look this weekend. that would be positive.

    we need guys who are independent. independent enough to venture across the pacific ocean.

  7. I would think that coach Gib would want a more experienced point guard ( JC level ). UH has never had a freshman player come in and take over the point guard position and excel.

  8. fish…reggie carter did. unfortunately he left after the ncaa sanctions.

  9. This is good news that they’ve contacted all these talent. With all the contacts, hopefully a few will be interested in UH. Never can tell, Coach Arnold may just pull off one of his surprises.

  10. i’d like to see if roderick flemings would have been good with this past team and next year, too bad he didn’t have talent around him

  11. Freshman to start at the point , I dont know about that, got into a fight with teammates and suspended, dont know all surrounding that, better off with a polished jc guard if there’s any around which there should be whether it be in Texas ,Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Washington,California, got to be at least several in all 48 states on the mainland. Gib find us somebody good enough to start.

  12. For you dedicated night owls checking the site at this hour … thank you!

    And it looks like there could be some news on the horizon. I’m processing a story and will try to post soon.

  13. now i can’t sleep.

  14. Very impressed with Odunsi..great player and very well spoken. Hopefully he joins the Warrior Ohana! Thanks Dayton for all the great updates!

  15. Al, wasn’t Reggie carter a shooting guard? I thought Henry Hollingsworth was at the point.

  16. Al — Good Call on Reggie Carter — started (VERY Well) as a freshman, then all the way to the NY Knicks … Henry Hollingsworth was the(short) shooting guard — not much of a ball handler …

    Chris Gaines was a pretty good combo guard … more offensive minded …

  17. Reading between the line….Brad Stevens says you have an offer, Odunsi says yes before the “r” is off his tongue.

    How do you honestly compete with a team thats been to back to back national championship games?

  18. Saw on another board a story out of Fort Collins, where Odunsi visited Colorado State last weekend. He’s now replaced Hawaii with Penn State so he’s visiting Butler this weekend and PSU the next. No mention of UH in this recent story.

  19. Ya learn something new eyverady. It’s true I guess!

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