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Elite New York City point guard has Hawaii on list

Another week, another new prospect.

In what seems to be a never-ending list of potential recruits for the Hawaii basketball program, an elite point guard from New York City is the latest to show up on the Warriors’ recruiting radar.

Shaquille Stokes, a 5-foot-10 senior at Lincoln High in New York, has recently added Hawaii to his list of possible programs for next season.

Lincoln High head coach Dwayne “Tiny” Morton confirmed internet reports that Stokes is interested in playing for the Warriors.

“He’s going to visit Colorado State this week, and then he wants to visit some of the others,” Morton said. “TCU, Western Kentucky and Hawaii are the others he’s looking at right now.”

Stokes could be a late steal for any of those programs. He had a standout career at Lincoln High, but was a late qualifier for NCAA Division I eligibility.

“He got qualified late … a couple weeks ago,” Morton said. “That’s why a lot of the bigger schools weren’t on him. They should be, though.”

Indeed, Stokes has an impressive list of credentials.

He averaged around 18 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists per game as a senior, and was one of four finalists for the New York Mr. Basketball award. He was named the All-Brooklyn Player of the Year, and was ranked among the top 10 seniors in New York City by NYChoops.net.

“He’s versatile,” Morton said. “He can score from inside and out. He’ll shoot the 3 or take it inside. He was great for us this year. Definitely our leader.”

He led Lincoln to a 29-3 record and a runner-up finish in the prestigious New York public school championship tournament.

Here is video of a recent East Coast all-star game featuring some highlights of Stokes:


  1. last year he averaged 23 ppg. cross your fingers.

  2. more to come…been hearing of a big coming in on a trip.

  3. Dayton,

    Does this mean we are out of the “Anthony Odunsi Sweepstakes”? Heard his list is down to Colorado St., Butler & Penn St., but I thought I heard somewhere Gib saying that they were still in the running but were currently in last place behind the others.

  4. Nice, one thing you know about NY ballers is they got handles and their game is relentless in getting to the hoop and getting buckets. Some areas that have solid point guard types that Coach should definitely be looking at is NY, Chi-Town, Philli, etc… All my boyz who come from those areas on the East Coast got one thing in common, they can handle the rock and they go hard every game from all the tough competition in those areas. If we land Stokes, it’ll just be icing on the cake for Coach Gib, go get um!

  5. Reminds me of Jason Carter after he finally got tired of Riley’s way and went off the last few games of his senior year.

  6. looks to be a true point, maybe jason carter but with no hops

  7. My goodness, what a steal if we can get him.

    Great opportunity for him, as he would be the sole true point to come in in this class.

    Great opportunity for Mr. Stokes to come in right away and make an immediate impact.

    This program is defintely on the rise.

  8. Lincoln High in an NYC power house that has produced players like Stephon Marbury, Sebastian Telfair and Lance Stephenson. Lots of talent, lots of hype for NYC players. These three guys had some attitude problems, though. Hopefully, this guy is really good, has a solid attitude and decides to come to Hawaii. FYI, Dwayne Morton played at Seton Hall.

  9. If Gib Arnold can land a recruit out of New York who is good, he’s an All Time High recruiter. Is it too much too ask? We shall see.

  10. And the beat just goes on and on and on. This is great that Hawaii is being considered for enrollment by all these talented ball players. Coach Arnold and his staff gets a gold star for recruiting. Great job!

  11. not holding my breath…. waiting until he signs, then we’ll chat

  12. Roy: You have to admit, though, at least it’s nice being in the game. The fact that Hawaii is even drawing interest from this caliber of player is refreshing. My only hope is that these are all high-character guys.

  13. @Clyde: That’s very true! Coach Arnold has indeed raised the bar on recruiting and having these types of players coming from very high caliber high school programs to put Hawaii on their list is a big step in the right direction for the program!!! I agree with you about their character and if they can fit in, but I believe this Coach has a very high standard for himself, so if they don’t, they won’t be here. Which is a very good thing!!

  14. Gibber strikes ! Now support the team in their effort to go to China, upcoming BB camp in June, send your young hoopsters to his camp, great learning opportunity and fun as well.

  15. Howzit! First time poster here. Thought I’d relay some info…

    There’s a shooting guard that was a McDonalds All-American and a recent Kansas Jayhawks transfer. Apparently he transfered due to lack of playing time and is looking at schools out west. His name is Royce Woolridge and is the son of former NBA player Orlando Woolridge. This kid averaged 29.2 points, 6.3 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game as a senior. He presently has his eye on Washington State, Utah, Nevada and perhaps BYU. If he’s interested in a mid-major school like Nevada, Gib has a chance. At least offer him a recruiting visit. Nevada already has depth at that position, and earning some playing time might be more competititive at the other schools. Just something to ponder…

  16. Good to see high caliber recruits are considering UH.Would interesting if UH could one day get a recruit of this caliber.

  17. next year will be exciting…who knows how much scholarships we’ll have…hopefully we get a top high school player espn rating 90 or higher

  18. NEXT Season, the only scheduled scholarship opening is from Senior Zane Johnson;

    To that, you could ADD:
    1) Academic casualties (hopefully few ‘cos this could cost us academic performance scholarships in the future);
    2) Playing time/dis-satisfaction casualties (Anthony Salter, Jordan Coleman); and
    3) Any who through lack of effort or performance might not have their (annual) scholarships renewed;
    4) Because Gib is targeting/focusing towards freshmen/four-year players, adjustment to Hawai’i, the rigors of D-1 Classes AND Homesickness: with Freshmen you kinda have to wait all the way through the time they go “Back Home” and Return before they really feel the Hit when Homesickness (and Family or Girlfriends) get to ’em and set in (like the story we’re hearing for Bo Barnes);
    5) and discipline/performance will also be a challenge for some (Jeremy Lay, Dwain Williams);

    SO For This School Year Three Seniors and Five Above fell through …

    For a Hawai’i Prospect: i WOULD DEFINITELY Trust Gib’s Analysis MORE Than most ESPN Rating(s) — i think our Coach is BOTH Basketball Smarter AND Does His Recruiting Home Work … [For Example IF He’s Right, as well as George Raveling, Athletically Gifted & Skilled Recruit Dillon Biggs will outperform MANY Top 100 Recruits OR Based on Video kinda like Vander Joaquim already with BB Skills and playing in Fast-Forward …]

    The Excitement Appears Justified …
    … We’ll see on the China Trip (August?)
    … and In October/November [MARCH?!]

  19. Welcome Shoko and other new posters.

  20. “high caliber”……..that’s what concerns me??, hope it’s bonafide visit and not just a chance to indulge in a Hawaiian vacation?

  21. As to mctruck’s comment, it underscores the inferiority complex that many in this state hold for themselves.

    The fact that a prospect is of “high caliber” is what concerns you? Think of the innanity of that comment. You would prefer him to be less talented?

    I suppose it is because this program has been dead for so long, that it would otherwise seem inconcievable that a bona fide blue chipper like Stokes would fathom coming here.

    The fact of the matter is that this program is on the rise, and that as this program grows, you will attract more and more young talent to come here. The increase in athleticisim in just one year is alarming.

    I would respectfully submit that mctruck and others that share this mindset, start evolving.

  22. “mid-range game”…..try back tracking and reflect on those players who came in and already left the team for various reason’s??? It’s obvious coach Gib and company don’t always select winners.

    We shall see where the chips fall…and maybe then I’ll take your advise to comment otherwise.

    I would wish for the success of the program…..just remember, a comment is a comment, so try to keep your personal attacks on a leash.

  23. mid-range game,

    On second thought after having eaten breakfast…..I retract my statement of, “taking your advise.”

    Actually you sound like a person who is just itching to pounce on ANYONE who does not subscribe to your way of thinking. If you were not so, “mid-range” in thinking, and took a look at the world around you, there is a similarity of your mind-set; (China, Iran, Syria, Lybia, etc., just to name a few where they don’t want people to voice their indifferences.) “Everyone”…..just one mindset!!

    Wake up and smell the (rose of Democracy).

    Also, are you unaware of any highly rated sports prospect ever coming to visit UH and summarily after their visit signed on with another college??

    So all of a sudden, shame on me if I raise my concern?….get a life.

  24. well the ghost is going to western kentucky. kevin kaspar committed today after visiting fresno st. this weekend. the significane of this is that he was one of two point guards in the mix there.

    earlier he too was on our radar. but things change along the way.

    and even more of significant importance is that shaquille stokes who is tripping this weekend had western kentucky in his new top four which included colorado st. where he was visiting this past weekend. the other team is tcu.

    how good a closer is gibber? we’ll find out soon.

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