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Arnold’s thoughts on recruiting so far

The Hawaii basketball team expects “to run a whole lot of different things, offensively” next season with its new crop of recruits.

Hawaii head coach Gib Arnold said recently-signed Warriors Dillon Biggs, Hauns Brereton and DeShawn Mitchell all bring versatility and athleticism, and that will help allow the team to bring a new look to the court next season.

“I like their ability to play multiple positions, I think that’s huge,” Arnold said. “I think you’ve got to have guys that can guard different people in different positions, and also offensively do that. That limited us a little bit this year.

“With these three guys in particular, that’s not going to be an issue anymore. We can throw them in at multiple positions and have them guard different people and then run a whole lot of different things, offensively.”

Combo guard Gerry Blakes and forward Ronnie Stevens signed with the Warriors in November, and they also will bring versatility next season. In effect, Arnold said he expects all five newcomers to challenge for significant playing time next season.

“This group will come in and I’m pretty confident that you’ll see these guys on the floor playing some minutes,” Arnold said.

With the unexpected departure of Bo Barnes, the Warriors now have at least one more open scholarship for next season. Arnold and his staff are still pursuing potential recruits (the current signing period ends on May 18), but will only sign a player who is “the best fit.”

At least one recruit is expected to visit Hawaii this week, and another is expected in later this month. However, Arnold said there is also a chance that he could leave the scholarship open.

Arnold kept one scholarship open through last summer and it paid off when 7-foot forward Davis Rozitis became available as a transfer from USC.


  1. Dayton do you know where recruit is on his trip this week?

  2. Meant do you know which recruit is on his recruiting visit this week?

  3. Without mentioning any names, it is a player from SoCal who is not a point guard.

  4. isn’t it amazing?
    amazing the new level of recruiting that we are now at.

    one door closes, another one opens.

    the pipeline reaches the shores of california, the gulf of mexico, the eastern shores, the great lakes, the atlantic and balsamic tides.


    the list is long…very long.

    gibber for governor!
    (nah, i’d keep him at head coach-men’s basketball…where;s the contract!!!!!)

  5. CJ would be a nice get if he decided to come here.

    Dayton, is Gib here now or is he on the Mainland.

  6. The video interview with Gib Arnold on this page was shot at UH on Monday evening. As far as I know, he hasn’t left the island since then.

  7. Is there an offer for point guard Nenad Miljenovic from Serbia? I think Gib has recruited serbians to USC before.

  8. recruiting has never been this exciting; Dayton has previous coaches been recruiting as much as Gib and his staff did? now we have so much more sites and information, maybe we just never had this back then. what about the level of recruits we contact compared to nash and wallace years?

  9. I kinda thought he had something up his sleeves. All these new recruits look like they can bring the rafters down. Can’t wait to see the next exciting season. Good job on getting all these recruiting updates.

  10. They recruited before, but not like this…

  11. it will be interesting because there are two guys who said they would love to be a rainbow warrior. they would jump at the chance, however, no docs have been tendered.

    stay tuned…

  12. josh,

    I don’t know the situation with the prospect from Serbia as information out of Europe is obviously much harder to obtain. Just have to wait and see on that one I guess.

  13. In college sports it’s all start with recruiting.Gib and his staff is doing a good job.Would nice if they could also bring in another big center to back up Vander.Dayton thanks for providing us with all this information, interesting stuff.

  14. what about 7 footer, davis rozitis?

  15. 6’9′ ronnie stevens

  16. yeah right now best available or save the scholie is the best idea. even though most want a pg, if there are no good pgs no sense bring in any pg just to bring um in. sometimes saving for a rainy day is the best thing to do

  17. we could land two more.

  18. hawaiifan09,

    I moved your questions to the Forum, as I think it will fit better there. Thanks.

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