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Top videos of the season

Special thanks to Tony Schmidt and his family at Pacific Risk Solutions for providing sponsorship of WarriorInsider.com during this initial season. They took a “risk” on an underground website such as this one, and it allowed us to stay up and running for the entire season.

For more information, please visit www.pacificrisksolutions.com.

Special thanks also to co-administrator and research specialist Dean Shimamoto, and other key contributors to the site: photographer Brandon Flores, contributing reporter Wes Nakama, “road correspondents” Bill Amis and Zane Johnson, and UH video coordinator John Spruance.

And, of course, a big thank you to all the fans who visited the site during this first season.

It was a successful and memorable season for the Warriors under first-year head coach Gib Arnold and his staff, and bigger and better things are expected next season. WarriorInsider.com hopes to be along for the ride again (and during this off-season).

As an independent site, we are in search of more sponsorship or donations to stay in business. For inquiries, please send an e-mail to dayton@warriorinsider.com.

And please help spread the word about WarriorInsider.com. Just like the Warriors, we are constantly striving to get better and appreciate all the support.

In the meantime, here were five of the most popular videos from our first season:

5, “Departing for the Road.” Bill Amis and Zane Johnson created a strong following with their humorous behind-the-scenes road videos called “Bill and Zane’s Excellent Adventure.” This one caught several teammates (and head coach Arnold) napping while on a flight to San Jose State.

4, “Nicknames.” More humor from Amis and Johnson. Here, they reveal some of the nicknames of teammates.

3, “Nevada Game Recap.” A 69-67 overtime victory over the Wolf Pack was capped with a winning shot by Miah Ostrowski.

2, “King of the Beach.” This video featuring the team’s unique off-season workouts on Waikiki Beach was posted the first day this site was launched and became an instant classic.

1, “Battling Hakas.” The players and coaches performing separate haka dances at the ‘Ohana Hoopfest back in October is still getting daily views. The spirit and camaraderie of the coaches and players was already evident back then.


  1. nice.
    great job dayton. you da man.

    btw, you will be keeping this shop open right?
    i mean, what will we do otherwise?

    this site has become a part of my morning coffee.
    thanks a million.

    …nuff said.

  2. al,

    Thank you for visiting often and contributing to the comments.

    The plan is to keep the site running year-round, but we will need some assistance. We operated at a significant financial loss for this first season, and simply can’t afford to do that again.

    We do have an alternate plan to convert this to a pay-per-view site, although I’d prefer to keep it open. If we do convert, we would try to make it affordable — maybe somewhere between $5 to $10 per month.

  3. This site truly has been awesome. Thanks for all the updates, its been great seeing the boys off the court.

  4. First time poster here. Would gladly pay $10/yr for the type of inside access you’ve given us!

  5. Sorry, I meant per Month*. Lol

  6. Dayton – it is a privilege to be a a sponsor of warriorinsider.com. You and Dean have done an incredible job giving us warrior basketball fans an up close look at the team and how bright the future is for warrior basketball. Aloha, Tony Schmidt

  7. Dayton, mahalo for the updates and all. Hope to see/read you at this site next year.

  8. Dayton,job well done.Can’t wait for next season to start.Will be looking forward to warriorinsider.

  9. honestly i don’t think it should cost money just yet, maybe after 1 or 2 more seasons of good basketball should it cost money, i think you’ll lose a lot of fans

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