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Inside the lockers

Shoes, shoes and more shoes are what take up most of the space in the lockers of the players for the Hawaii basketball team.

Senior forward Bill Amis keeps seven pairs of adidas shoes in the Stan Sheriff Center locker room – and only four pairs fit in his locker (he keeps three atop the locker).

“Shoes are a necessity if you’re a basketball player,” he said.

Junior guard Zane Johnson has the neatest locker, according to his teammates. While most of the other Warriors toss their practice jerseys over a chair, Johnson hangs his neatly on hangers.

Johnson also keeps a full supply of toiletries handy, including Q-tips and extra bars of soap – which he said he is not afraid to hand out to teammates.

“Because some of them stink so bad,” he said with a laugh.

Sophomore forward Dominick Brumfield has the messiest locker, according to his teammates, although it may not be entirely his fault. Brumfield happens to have a few spare lockers next to his, so he has slowly started taking over that corner of the locker room.

“That’s Dom’s neighborhood over there,” Amis said.


  1. “It’s not dirty though.”
    Good point. There is a difference.

  2. Wow! 7 pairs of shoes for Amis. What made me think they only had about 3 pairs at the most. The shoe sizes must be so big that the player’s lockers must be stuffed. After the season do they take home all their shoes?

  3. Thanks to a sponsorship contract with adidas, one of the perks for the players is free shoes every season.

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