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Prep forward from LA “has huge upside”

Dillon Biggs, a multi-skilled forward from Los Angeles, is being recruited by the Hawaii basketball team, according to recruiting websites in California.

Biggs is a 6-foot-7, 200-pound senior at Dorsey High School. Despite missing several games earlier this season with a broken wrist, he is averaging 15.8 points, 5.1 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game.

“He’s long, athletic, wiry, and he has a high basketball IQ,” said his AAU coach, Gary Franklin. “He can shoot it – he has a nice touch around the basket – and he can finish with either hand.”

Gerry Freitas of westcoasthoopsreport.com said Biggs has “all the physical tools to play at the next level.”

According to calihighsports.com, Biggs is ranked as the No. 7 small forward in California.

Several mid-major programs are recruiting Biggs, and more could be joining the process as he improves down the stretch of his senior season.

“The main thing with Dillon is he’s still developing into his body, so his best basketball is ahead of him,” Franklin said. “He has huge upside. I’m surprised more high-majors aren’t on him. He broke his wrist earlier, and that brought his numbers down, so that could be a reason.”

In a recent game against Crenshaw High, Biggs had 28 points, 12 rebounds and six assists to lead his team to victory. Click HERE to read the story.

And here is a great video of Biggs, put together by www.ballislife.com, which describes him as “the biggest sleeper in L.A.”


  1. could be a very good get….he’ll grow in to his body and has a lot of upside….thinner joston thomas but looks more athletic….no low post game? maybe against smaller players being only 200lbs.

  2. This dude would be a perfect get for this staff.

    He is the type of athlete that they are trying to sign. Long, athletic, multi-skilled, the the ability to guard multiple position.

    This dude looks athletic enough to guard 3 positions. Amazing.

    With Blakes, Biggs, and some of the other JC wings they are trying to sign, they are getting much more athletic in a hurry.

  3. My goodness.

    I was wondering how the heck the UH can get kid from Dorsey – which is in the middle of Watts. Or like Blakes who is from Inglewood.

    So I’m watching that video again – checking out the gym, the crowd – and dude – no lie. I think that is Coach Arnold sitting in the stands at the top of the bleachers. Its like the 3rd or 4th clip in the video.

    And I would offer that he certainly is not hard to spot, insofar as he da only white dude in da gym!

    Classic stuff.

    I love it.

  4. Mid-range game, I took a second look at the video and think you are correct. Looks like Coach Arnold at the top of the bleachers in a grey sweatshirt. That man is everywhere!!

    Biggs looks like the perfect player for our system. We need more guys that are slashers that can get to the rim and make their own offense. It will help open up the outside game for Zane and Bo and give Vander plenty of easy dunks.

    I would think he would be an immediate impact player for the warriors in 2011/2012.

  5. Yups, he is what the doctor ordered. Hope he comes.

    If he does, I like how this class shapes up. You would have a number of high-major type athletes coming in.

    Blakes and Biggs are killers off the bounce. Stevens is the quality big we’ve been looking for. Add some of those JC wings they trying to bring in along with another point, blend with the group we have, and this squad will be a nightmare in the WAC.

    Coach has said he trying to get athletes up in here, and I would say he is aiming high.

    Need to get em in here.

  6. Man, this guy looks impressive. I wonder how many big schools are going after him. But you never know, good luck to Hawaii.

  7. Hopefully, he recognizes the opportunity UH offers. Arnold is a playersʻ coach who has already created a buzz in the community. Biggsʻ skill set meshes nicely with Arnoldʻs O and D systems. He could help right away and truly help raise the program to prominence.

    I hope he realizes that there are intangibles for being a major player (pun intended) in a program on the upswing. The feeling of ʻohana is undeniable here; I hope he embraces it.

    Donʻt forget: almost every road league game will be in CALIFORNIA…

    Mr. Biggs – cʻmon down

  8. Let’s lock this guy up now. He has a shot to be really good. 4 years under arnold, he could be a star for us. We still need another big or 2, but coach arnold is da man!

  9. hope this guy passes all the necessary courses and scores high enough on SAT”s to get admitted to Manoa, our admission requirements are higher than schools like UNLV

  10. Rediculous athlete.

    He looks like Lamar Odom, taking it off the dribble and finishing on and around the baseline.

    He is the type of player that would thrive in Coach Arnold’s system which seems to be based on pro-style sets with ball screens and lots of offensive freedom to create shot opportunities going to the basket. It is a system that favors athletes that can create off the bounce and score on the move.

    I can see why this staff is making this kid a top priority. He would do work in this system.

  11. Wow, just had a chance to go through the video to look for Gib Arnold in the crowd. Great eyes to find him, mid-range game.

    Maybe we should try to collect more video from prep games around California and do a “Where’s Gib?” in the crowd game.

    FYI, Gib and his staff also caught some HHSAA state tournament games here before departing for Davis, Calif. Heard a lot of the local high school coaches and fans were pleased and impressed that they showed up.

  12. i am sure that from here on after…with ample time to recruit, the gibber will make sure that the type of student/athlete he brings in has all the right stuff.

    i am sure that the new guys coming in all are good students, can play an unselfish team game, don’t have egos bigger than their heads, and are respectful young men.

    i am sure that in three years we will have the kind of team we will all be proud of and they will be proud to wear the green.

  13. okay i’ll say it…biggs is big time.

    reminds me of a george gervin.
    looks like a four year starter to me.

  14. Hate to sound like a broken record but this is exactly the kind of player we need. We already have some good all-around basketball players but we have lost some games purely b/c of the superior athleticism of our opponents. With Biggs and players like him we should start looking physically like Florida St. and New Mex. St. in no time. We may even get more than 12 UH students to come to the games.

  15. Biggs would be a big time pick-up.

    On call the coach earlier this week, Gib mentioned that a local player was taking an unofficial visit to UH. Any idea who that could be?.. Micah Dunhour?

  16. gobows,

    I got a call earlier this week from a fan who said Gib Arnold was talking to parents of Micah Christensen after one of the state tournament games. Don’t know if that means anything or not.

    Also, “unofficial visit” usually means walk-on player, so could be anybody, really. The fact that the visit was scheduled the week of the state tournament … maybe Neighbor Island player?

  17. Dayton,
    Neighbor Island player makes sense with the timing. As for Christenson, he signed with USC in the fall to play volleyball. He’s a setter with national experience.

  18. Thanks cym.

  19. Probably Kainoa Chu. Heʻs recovering from knee surgery and turned down a couple local D II schools to walk on. Guess the lure of the D I label got him.
    I think that hs players think theyʻre not valued if theyʻre not player D I, and thatʻs unfortunate. He is a skilled player, but can he not see what Arnoldʻs building? Like a solid film on your netflix list that continually gets leap-frogged by new releases, Iʻm afraid he might get buried on the bench.
    And maybe he just wants to give it a shot, so more power to him. He is a nice, respectful young man from great parents who may end up contributing at some point.

  20. Bingo!

    Will explain a little more of what I know in “Insider Forum” (link is at top right of the home page for those who haven’t visited there yet).

  21. I must say thank you very much and looking forward to seeing your article soon.

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