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Dillon Biggs commits to Hawaii

As the Hawaii basketball team prepared for its home finale this season it was also getting a head start for next season.

Dillon Biggs, a multi-skilled 6-foot-7, 195-pound small forward, made a commitment to play for the Warriors starting in the 2011-12 season.

“I talked to my family and everything, and we agreed that Hawaii showed the most interest in me and it looked like the best place for my future,” he said.

Biggs recently completed his senior season at Dorsey High in Los Angeles. He was slowed by a broken wrist early in the season, but still lead the team in scoring with around 17 points per game. He also averaged around 7.5 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game.

“A lot of people didn’t (recruit) him until his senior year,” Dorsey High head coach Kevin Gibson said. “The main reason for that is because he’s kind of thin for his height. But he has strength, and he’ll pick up weight and grow in college. The main thing with him is his skill level. I think once people saw that his senior year, they started coming after him.”

Several Pac-10 schools were reportedly looking at Biggs, including California, Oregon and Washington State. He said he was also considering Nevada, Louisiana Tech and Cal State Northridge.

“I’m versatile and I like to play up-tempo,” Bigs said. “I could just see myself fitting in with Hawaii with the way they like to play.”

Gibson said: “He’s probably best on the wing, where he can slash and create. He has an ability to get to the rim. But he could actually play all five positions, if that’s what you need.”

Biggs was ranked as the No. 7 small forward in California by calihighsports.com, and was described as “the biggest sleeper in LA” by ballislife.com.

“That’s probably a good way to describe him,” Gibson said. “Here at Dorsey, we’re an inner-city school in L.A., and a lot of the big schools don’t like to come here. That’s their loss. I think Hawaii got a good one.”

Biggs said he has not made a recruiting visit to Hawaii yet, but plans to do so in late-March. He said he will sign a national letter of intent during the regular signing period, which runs April 13 to May 18.

And here again is the great video of Biggs put together by ballislife.com.


  1. Huge, huge, get for this program.

    Exactly what this program needs. An elite, skilled athlete, who has not even discovered the limits of what his game can evolve to.

    With the group coming in, mixed the the group coming back, this team is becoming very athletic, which in turn will enhance the type of style that they implement.

    Exciting times for a program defintely on the rise.

  2. I agree with mid-range game. This is a great get for us. Another skilled freshman for next year. This is just great, we definitely needed more size and Biggs is exactly that. If Josten Thomas wants to act up and complain he can just pack his bags. Welcome to the team Biggs!!!

    Give ’em tonight Gib!!!!!

  3. Eh brada, no need dis Coach Nash. He’s gone.

    He gave us like 30 years of class act coaching and was hired late and missed recruiting. It didn’t work out.

    But he’s gone, you got what you want, now you can change your name.

    Mahalo, brada puhi

  4. We need to remember how horrible those 3 years were. Nash was here for 30 years, but Riley Wallace was the one running the show, not Nash. He was just along for the ride. You know this is true because in his 3 years of being the head coach, he couldn’t even teach how to run our flex offense well. Riley himself said it looked like we were trying to run it, but he couldn’t even tell what we were doing.

    He didn’t miss recruiting the last 2 years. He had his shot and he blew it. He could’ve even had Miah Ostrowski, but he never EVER said that was a consideration. Stephen Tsai would bring it up every year, but nope, not gonna put him on the team. It’s obvious that Nash had no idea how to judge talent. Miah is a great contributor for us now and his production is just another blunder by Nash.

    My name stays, just like Nash did for those 30 years including those last 3 horrendous losing years.

  5. Dayton,

    Is there any additional information about Michael Harvey the juco guy we got last week? I saw this youtube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUu4xy_zaCw

  6. No more Nash = no more class

  7. Puhi,

    I will say that Bob Nash is and was a UH legend as a player, and his legacy was in place.

    But if I hear another person use that excuse of Herman Fraizer hiring Bob late in his first year, for the reason why his program failed, I am going to puke. That may serve as a legitimate basis for tanking his first year, but not all three.

    It is kind of sickening to turn on the radio on Wednesday nights and have to hear Jackson Wheeler wax poetic about the good ole days and how they used to do this, and do that with Riley, and have guys like Carl English come on and wax nolstalgic.

    Its like he wasn’t part of the disaster of a staff, the last three years. Good god. Give me a freaking break (as you can see, as a full-freight-paying season ticket holder during that time period, I have still not gotten over my bitterness).

    I agree with NMN. It is not possible to fully appreciate the gravity and totality of this program’s turnaround, unless you understand the depths under which this program has emerged from.

    Bob was so woeful in his 3 years here, that I thought it would take at least 3 years for this program to get turned around.

    It has happened in under a year.

    But I still have a lot of hard feelings about the Nash regime. OK, I am done venting.

    In any event, Dillon Biggs deciding to come here and play for the University of Hawaii is a huge positive development that signals a sign of great things to come.

    I believe that this thing is going to become a monster in a couple of years…

  8. a big get.

    biggs looks like a real baller.

  9. and dayton…thanks loads for out scooping the sb/adv warrior basketball beat writer once again.

  10. Aloha all,

    Let’s try to stick to the topic — Dillon Biggs just committed to Hawaii.

    Keep in mind that his family and friends might check out this story and read the comments. And he hasn’t signed a letter of intent yet.

    There’s always an “Insider Forum” board available for off-topic discussion (such as the past few seasons). Just click on the Insider Forum logo at the top right of this page.

  11. NmN,

    As for Michael Harvey, I realize that I haven’t acknowledged his commitment yet and it’s because I’m still trying to research the situation. As of now, I don’t consider it a solid commitment.

    I’ll post something if/when I can find a little more info.

  12. al,

    Thank you. But as I’ve said before, this site wasn’t created to compete with the mainstream media.

    Sometimes we’ll get the scoops, sometimes we won’t. We’ll try to post stuff on UH hoops whether we’re first or last. It all comes out one way or another. The true fans check all the sources — we just want to make sure warriorinsider.com is on that list.

  13. Great get by Gib! His thing seems to always be getting the ‘biggest sleeper in the southern Cal area’.. With the way he’s winning and recruiting, it’s only a matter of time before we replace ‘sleeper’ with ‘player’..

    I, for one, think there’s nothing wrong with the No More Nash moniker.. It’s a free country gang and it’s not vulgar.. People these days are just way too sensitive and PC.. Nash may have given us 30 years as a player/coach, but I don’t see why that should give him a free pass for his complete abysmal tenure as head coach.. His coaching level is pretty much on-par with Fred Von Appen – the only difference being that Von Appen didn’t suck a fourth year out of the program..

  14. If I could tell the Biggs family one thing, it would be that all the fans care about players that play hard. If Biggs comes in and plays hard for 4 years, does his work in the classroom, and is a team player, the UH fans will love him to death. We don’t need him to be a superstar or get us to a final four (though that would be great) we just want him to play hard and everyone will respect that.

    He’ll find out that Hawaii is a special place, but more importantly the people who move and live there are also special. Biggs is making a great decision and I hope he follows through, we can’t wait to cheer him on.

  15. Great recruiting! Now let’s get his signature on the dotted line. Can’t wait ’til next season.:)

  16. Welcome to Warrior nation Dillon!

  17. Can’t wait to see this kid reach his full potential. I wonder how many scholarships are available? I believe UH needs another point guard and a big man.

  18. This is getting exciting!! We’ll be the class of the Big West in 2012 – best location, arena, fans, coaches…. Gib will have great classes filling up our rosters!! Can’t wait

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