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Thoughts on Thanksgiving

The Hawaii basketball team has much to be thankful for this early in the season … the recent injury to leading scorer Bill Amis aside.

For starters, the Warriors are off to a 4-0 start for the first time since the 2004-05 season. They have a chance to make it 5-0 on Wednesday when they host Arkansas-Pine Bluff at the Stan Sheriff Center.

Win or lose on Wednesday, the team will then celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday at head coach Gib Arnold’s home.

“We’re going to have the guys come over to the house, we’re going to eat a bunch of turkey and watch some football,” Arnold said.

Arnold said the team may even try to make it a Hawaiian-style holiday, weather permitting. “We’ll probably throw the ball around a little bit in the backyard and go to the beach,” he said.

With players from six different states and three countries other than the United States, it will be a chance for the team to unite since most of their respective families will be celebrating thousands of miles away.

“This Thanksgiving I get to be with my new family, my teammates,” said sophomore forward Joston Thomas, who is from Washington, D.C.

In the days leading to Thanksgiving, the Warriors expressed gratitude for their far away families. At the same time, many of them are thankful for the opportunity to play basketball in paradise.

A sampling of what some of the players said they are most grateful for:

Bo Barnes: “My family being able to raise me the way I am, and also to God giving me the opportunity to play basketball here.”

Zane Johnson: “Being in Hawaii and being able to play basketball.”

Joston Thomas: “Every day I get to wake up and play basketball and I’m actually good at it, so I’m kind of thankful for those blessings.”

Anthony Salter: “I’m most thankful to be able to call home and say hello to mom every day. I’m happy that she’s healthy. I’m happy that she’s able and willing to get up and go to work every day to keep everything at home stable. That’s a strong woman right there.”

Hiram Thompson: “I have the best family in the world, so every Thanksgiving that’s what I say I’m most thankful for because they’re awesome.”

Gib Arnold: “Most thankful for my family and my wife and children. I’m thankful for the opportunity to coach this team. And I’m thankful that it’s 82 degrees in November right now in beautiful Hawaii.”

(Photo by Brandon Flores)


  1. Thanks for putting this video together. Good job.
    Happy thanksgiving.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Very thankful for this website…mahalo!

  3. I am thankful for the opportunity to produce this website.

    And for all the fans who have taken the time to visit during this first month of the season.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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