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Meet the Warriors: Bobby Miles

Bobby Miles might be the baby of his family and a baby on the Hawaii basketball team, but he’s going to have to grow up fast this season.

Miles, a 6-foot-1 freshman, could easily be described as the Warriors’ point guard of the future, but he’s also expected to contribute this season.

Miles is one of three point guards on the roster. The others are senior Hiram Thompson and junior Anthony Salter. Rather than accepting a backseat role to his older teammates, Miles has been willing to battle them for playing time.

It is a situation Miles is comfortable with.

As the youngest of seven children raised in rugged East Los Angeles, Miles grew up fighting for more than just playing time.

“You couldn’t really go outside because of the gangs and stuff, but it was kind of peaceful where I lived,” Miles said. “A lot of boxers come out of there, or try to come out of there. You have to know how to fight growing up over there.”

Miles’ escape was basketball. He eventually led his local AAU team to unexpected prominence in regional tournaments.

Hawaii head coach Gib Arnold likes to tell the story of how “nobody cared about the team from East L.A.” because that area was never known for basketball, but everybody eventually took notice of “the tough point guard they had who was doing everything for them.”

Miles has brought that toughness and athleticism to Hawaii, and it is what is earning him playing time as the current back-up to Thompson. During preseason strength and conditioning tests, Miles recorded the highest vertical jump on the team at 37 inches. He was also strongest among the team’s four freshmen.

Miles has a mix of Mexican and African-American ethnicities, something he takes pride in. “It means a lot – not many players are black and Mexican,” he said.

He also has an engaging personality, yet another trait that can only help him grow into the position.

(Photo by Brandon Flores)


  1. bobby “boo” miles welcome to hawaii.

  2. What up Big Bobby Miles! Just wanna let you know were following you and supporting you 110%…We got your back over here in Cali, city of Angels (Dogertown and Lakerville lol). Keep up the good good work, stay humble (thats comes natrual to you) and put the work in….keep your goals in mind. I wanna see you succeed NBA, bound. My email alfreddurazojr@gmail.com let me know how you doing every know and then….God bless & take no prisioners….ball them up!!

  3. Aka Pelon….Campeones!!

  4. Im realy proud of yew =]…keep doing it big cuz all yewr hard work is payin off…

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