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Thomas is strongest; Coleman quickest

Newcomers took the spotlight during the Hawaii basketball team’s strength and conditioning tests in the preaseason.

Junior college transfer Josten Thomas proved to be the strongest in the weight room. Thomas, who is 6 feet 7 and 245 pounds, was able to bench-press 185 pounds for 25 repetitions. No other player reached 20 repetitions.

And Thomas is more than just muscles. He was also one of the fastest players on the roster, beating most of the smaller guards in the running drills. In particular, Thomas placed third on the team in a sprint drill covering ¾ of the basketball court.

True freshman Jordan Coleman was the quickest. He tied for the best time in the sprint drill with junior Zane Johnson (both did it in 3.39 seconds).

In the “box agility” drill – which tests speed and quickness – Coleman had the fastest time at 9.89 seconds. Thomas was second at 9.96, and Anthony Salter was third at 10.0.

Bobby Miles, another true freshman, had the highest vertical jump at 37 inches. Coleman was second at 35.

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